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Olive Tree Varieties

A Spanish variety. The tree is smaller than most other varieties with weeping appearance. Adapts well to pruning. Fruit is small yet productive and good for oil. Highly adaptable to different soils and climates. Relatively good frost resistance. Early producer, does not require a pollinator but will benefit from one.


Originated in Tuscany but popular throughout the world. The fruit is medium sized and late maturing. It is grown chiefly for oil. When mature the fruit is purple-black but should be picked when green and purple. It is self-fertile and sets fruit at a young age.


Originally from Greece and it is famous for making Greek style black olives. Good for curing and for oil. It is resistant to cold but somewhat sensitive to extreme heat.


Originated in Tuscany. The fruit is medium sized and early maturing. Fruit should be picked when purple green. Good for oil and table olives. It is self sterile and needs a pollinator such as Maurino or Frantoio. One of the hardiest varieties, it is resistant to wind, fog, olive knot, and fungus.

Little Ollie

A true dwarf olive tree that grows only 2 to 4 feet tall. It is bushy and gives the appearance of a miniature olive tree. Grows as a shrub or houseplant. It has no fruit to speak of.


Spanish variety and the most important commercial variety in the world. Ripens early with purple skin when ripe. Good for table olives and for oil. Vigorous, fast growing, and a heavy bearer. Pollinate with Mission or Picholine.


Originated in Tuscany. Fruit is medium sized but larger than Frantoio or Leccino. The fruit matures early and is purple-black when ripe. The oil is of good quality. It is self sterile and needs a pollinator such a Leccino or Frantoio. It is resistant to cold, fog, and olive knot so it is a good choice for colder humid areas.


Original olive planted in Spanish missions in California. Medium sized deep purple fruit. Late ripening. Good for table olives and oil. Hardiest of all varieties that we sell and very vigorous. Bears heavily. Good pollinator with Manzanillo.


Originated in France. Medium sized fruit harvested green for table olives and black for oil. Ripens late. Produces at a young age. Self fertile and a good pollinator for Leccino and Manzanillo. Especially resistant to drought and somewhat resistant to cold and olive fly.


Originated in Andalusia, Spain. Noted especially for having very large fruit. It is picked green for table olives and is not good for oil. It is early maturing, self sterile, and a good pollinator for Manzanillo. Not always available because of difficulty in propagating. Resistant to cold, humidity, and olive fly.